Sunday Wishlist #3

On my wishlist is a city?! 
Yes, Venice, Italy. I have always wanted to go, and in the past week, I seem to have stumbled upon blog posts, magazine and newspaper articles, all to do with Venice. They are all fueling my want to go to Venice. I find it such a beautiful, historical, interesting city. I've never been to Italy, and what better place to visit than Venice. Oh, I really want to go!

Yeah, after all this 'onesie' hype, I still don't own one. And what better place to start than this gorgeous onesie, from Onepiece. Yes, it is on the rather expensive side, I could get an outfit for this price, but my word its beautiful. If you do it, you may as well do it right!

That concludes a rather short Sunday Wishlist, but I can't be too greedy, can I!?

If you have been to Venice, let me know! And if you can find a better onesie than this one, at a cheaper price, let me know!
Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

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