Everyday Make Up

This is the make up I use for everyday wear, I haven't really been very creative for a while with my make up, so I know this works, is quick, and is sort of fuss-free.

17 Skin Perfecting Shine Free Foundation in Biscuit

This foundation I think was bargain of the century! I've had it for about 2 months now, only just half way through, and it cost me £1.99! Found it in the 'bargain bin' in my local Boots. The shade is a bit too dark for me now, as I bought it when I still had my tan, but i just mix it with a bit of moisturiser. The foundation itself is lovely! Very smooth to apply, has a pump so its easier to control how much is coming out. Its not as full coverage as I would like, but it does the job, and for the price I got it at, I can't really complain!
Looking on the Boots website, I think it may have been discontinued, as I can't find it anywhere!

I have a love hate relationship with this concealer. I love the coverage it gives, and the colour match, but I hate how drying it can be. I think I got this on offer, as I don't think I'd be too happy if I had paid full price for it!! Not a lot to say about it, going to use it up before I get a new concealer, as I just don't have money to waste at the moment!

I only bought this about 2 weeks ago, and haven't been wearing a lot of make up, but I love this! When I was living in Lanzarote, I ran out of my trusty Rimmel bronzer, and it wasn't cheap out there to repurchase it, so I thought to myself I would treat myself and get a more luxury brand. So I bought this one. We had tiled floors all throughout the apartment we were living in, and one day it just slipped out of my make up bag and smashed all over the floor of the bathroom. It was shattered so much I couldn't even save a tiny bit! I paid about 35 euro for it, so it was more expensive, and I was devastated!
We went to Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth the other week which is an outlet shopping centre. I found it at the CCO for £19, and had to buy it! I love it, one of my favourite bronzers around. Its so smooth to apply and has a lovely colour about it.

I love this compact. I use it every day, as you can tell, even if I'm just using the blush, and not always contouring. Its such good value for money, and I've had it a long while. I think you take a chance ordering off the ELF website, as some products can be such a hit or miss, but I think with the priced of the products, its not so much of a big deal, but I really recommend this product.

MAC Eyeshadow in Mineral Emanuel Ungaro Collection

This was a limited edition product a few years ago, so I know you won't be able to get it on the website. I use this eyeshadow on my eyebrows. It has a nice natural brown colour, it says its a satin finish, but I find it quite matte, so the perfect shade for eyebrows. I just apply it with a flat angled brush.

I use this nearly everyday as an eyeshadow base. I love the shimmer you get from the paintpot, but its nice and neutral to be used with any eyeshadow. I just apply it with my fingers, and its such a smooth application.

I love this pressed pigment! I got it as a present about a month ago from my parents. I hadn't even heard of it until they bought it home. Its such a beautiful colour. I just use it all over my lid and then blend the edges out. A beautiful solo eyeshadow colour. On first inspection I saw so much glitter, and was worried about an awful load of fall out, but you hardly get anything. I spray my eyeshadow brush with a bit of Fix+ and it just works so well. Beautiful colour, and I'd like to collect the whole lot of them.

The standard gel eyeliner that I think everyone uses! I've nearly ran out, but don't know if I would get this one again, I'd quite like to try the Bobbi Brown one. Its a nice eyeliner, nice deep black colour, seems to last for ages! I just apply it with my MAC 210 brush.

When I first bought this, I had to wait about a month until it dried out a little bit. It was just too wet to use straight away. I prefer drier mascaras. But now it has dried out a bit, I really like it. I can't really say I have ever come across the best mascara in the world, so my journey will continue!

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