Christmas Party Outfit

I have a Christmas party coming up in less than 2 weeks, and this mood board of ideas is channeling how I would like my party outfit to look!

This outfit is all about the dress from River Island. Although it is quite simple, the baroque design on the front is a show stopper! I love a white/cream dress, its very clean and elegant and the kick of gold on it is a proper party dress! The accessories dont need to be too loud, or in your face. The shoes are a lovely metallic mottled gold. Perfect heel and platform height. They will go with other things, an LBD, with some jeans and blazer to perk up the outfit. Possibilities are endless! The bag is a stunning box clutch by Diane Von Furstenberg. Its the most expensive piece on this list (£210) but totally worth it. Its understated but eyecatching at the same time! The earrings are bigger studs, with the accents of gold, and pearl in it. Again, very understated, but having that little bit of sparkle in. The dress will steal the show, but the accessories subtly add to what appears to be a very expensive outfit, but the whole thing comes to £365.
Have you all got your Christmas Party outfits planned? What have you all decided on?

Ahh Interviews!

Don't you just love interviews?!
Just got back from a job interview for an Apprentice Business Administrator.
Yes, an apprenticeship at 23, but it seems to be the only way I can go about getting a job these days!
The stress of an interview starts as soon as you send your CV off. You're stressing that your CV is the best there ever was, and will capture your prospective employers' eye as soon as he/she sees it in their email!
Then you wait and wait and wait for a phone call to ask you back for an interview. The amount of times I have sent off a CV and never got an interview, its ridiculous!
So, you get the call inviting you for an interview. Stress part 3 comes your way. What are they going to ask? What (very importantly!) shall I wear? What should I take with me? And the list goes on!
And then the morning of the interview. I made sure I got up extra early, had my porridge and coffee, spent ages on my hair and make up, found what I was going to wear, and out the door I went.
Luckily the job interview was only across the road, and I could actually see my house from the office window!
I think the interview went as well as it could have done! I have a good feeling about this, so just massive fingers crossed. I answered all the questions the way I was taught, I was completely me, and if they don't like me, then I just wasn't the right candidate for the job! It happens, just need to move on!
Obviously I shall keep you all updated with how it went!
Good luck to you all going through this same experience. You can only just be yourself!
Dress: Primark
Belt: H&M
Boots: Office


November Favourites

Its almost the end of the month! I can't believe how quickly this month has gone, this time in four weeks, it will be the end of Boxing Day, and all over for another year!
So at the end of the month comes monthly favourites!
Bumble and Bumble Let It Shine. Shampoo and Conditioner.
Shampoo: £18.50 (250ml) Conditioner: £20.00 (250ml)
I got this set at the beginning of the month, and absolutely love these products! I love how clean they make my hair, I love the shine it gives my hair, and I love how little you need to use! It really does what it says, I have had many compliments on how shiny and healthy my hair is looking. It also smells amazing, which is always a bonus when choosing products! Yes, it is a little on the pricey side, but I only use a 10p sized piece for both! It seems like it will last well into next year, and I wash my hair often as I go the gym most days. It doesn't seem to dry my scalp out either, like some shampoos and conditioners can do this time of year.
All in all, I give these two products a massive thumbs up!
£1.81 (125ml)
My all time favourite eye make up remover! I have been using this since July, and I have almost finished my second bottle. This product seems almost too good to be true. The price of it is incredible. Its an oil based product, so I know that will immediately put a lot of you off. I thought it would, after years of using makeup wipes, and water based liquids, so I was a bit annoyed when I found it to be oily. I gave it a good week of use, and now I know I will not use another make up remover. It is so 'kind' to my eye area, does not dry my skin out, and I believe it has helped my eyelashes a little, I think they have grown slightly! It removes waterproof mascara and heavily applied gel eyeliners with ease, so no over-rubbing of the eye area.
Yes, another product with 5 stars!
£15.99 (10oz)
Heaven in a glass jar! The scent makes me feel all warm inside! It smells sweet, and 'foody' like you have a cake in the oven baking away. Its just a gorgeous scent, not overpowering in anyway! I love the sound of the wick burning, it crackles like a proper fire. Such a lovely Christmas scent. I guarantee if you were to give one of these candles as a gift, the recipient will love it! I burn it for up to 2 hours at a time. I've had it for about 2 months now, and have probably just less than half of the candle left, so it seems to last for a very long time! The packaging is simple, and in the Woodwick range, they do a whole array of colours and scents to suit colour schemes and tastes.
This brush has probably appeared in every bloggers 'favourites' ever since it came out. I was a bit late getting my first Real Techniques brush, and I cannot wait to be able to buy more. My trusty face brush had finally came to the end of its life, so I thought it a perfect time to try this brush out. The price of this brush is amazing. For what you get; very sleek packaging, gorgeous soft bristles, and even application, if this was, say, a MAC brush, you'd be looking at paying around £40. I don't think I can find any faults with it! Perfect brush and amazing price. Now time to save for more Real Technique brushes!
So that concludes my November Favourites! I hope you all enjoyed reading it. What are all your November Favourites?