Ahh Interviews!

Don't you just love interviews?!
Just got back from a job interview for an Apprentice Business Administrator.
Yes, an apprenticeship at 23, but it seems to be the only way I can go about getting a job these days!
The stress of an interview starts as soon as you send your CV off. You're stressing that your CV is the best there ever was, and will capture your prospective employers' eye as soon as he/she sees it in their email!
Then you wait and wait and wait for a phone call to ask you back for an interview. The amount of times I have sent off a CV and never got an interview, its ridiculous!
So, you get the call inviting you for an interview. Stress part 3 comes your way. What are they going to ask? What (very importantly!) shall I wear? What should I take with me? And the list goes on!
And then the morning of the interview. I made sure I got up extra early, had my porridge and coffee, spent ages on my hair and make up, found what I was going to wear, and out the door I went.
Luckily the job interview was only across the road, and I could actually see my house from the office window!
I think the interview went as well as it could have done! I have a good feeling about this, so just massive fingers crossed. I answered all the questions the way I was taught, I was completely me, and if they don't like me, then I just wasn't the right candidate for the job! It happens, just need to move on!
Obviously I shall keep you all updated with how it went!
Good luck to you all going through this same experience. You can only just be yourself!
Dress: Primark
Belt: H&M
Boots: Office

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