Sunday Wishlist #4

The reviews I've read about this product! It makes me excited to save up and buy it! I was a big fan of Bad Gal Lash Mascara when I was a bit younger, but last time I bought it, I realised I didn't like big brushes. I find it so hard to find a good mascara, and normally I would be skeptical about paying so much for a mascara, and it doesn't deliver. I've seen the proof in every review and photo I've seen of this, so I can't wait to be able to afford it!

I got a Pot Rouge for Christmas from my sister, in Calypso Coral, and I love this product! I've never been a 'face' person, but since I've had this cream blush I've been spending more time on my face. I think I'd like to try a brighter colour as well, to get me through these horrible dull months! I've still not figured out the best way to apply this, I've just been using my fingers, but would like to invest in a brush. Can anyone recommend a brush to apply cream blush?

Again, I've read many reviews about this self-tanner, and none of them have been negative! We all want a bit of colour during this cold season, and self-tanning is the safest and easiest way of going about it. I think yes, it is pricey, but from what I've read, the price definitely reflects the quality of this product. Xen-Tan is a brand you can trust as well, so I am excited to try this out, hopefully soon! I hate being pale, and after living in a hot country for a year, where being tanned is necessary, I do miss having a nice deep colour!

I don't actually own any Nars products, but again I've always read and heard great things about this product. I think this is a Holy Grail for lots of people. Like I said earlier, I'm focusing more on my face at the moment, trying to get a flawless, contoured, highlighted complexion, and I think this would be the best place to start for the contouring! I will always use my MAC 168 to apply contour, as it fits in the hollows of the cheekbones so nicely. 

That rounds up my 'wants' for this week! I'm finding it so hard at the moment not being able to just pop into Southampton and have a little spending spree, sometimes spending a day on your own shopping is such lovely therapy! But hopefully there are things in the pipeline, so fingers crossed I will be having an income again, soon, and I can treat myself to a bit of luxury once a month!
What are you all desiring at the moment?


  1. Good list - i would like to try they're real too!
    I've found the best way & now the only way I apply pot rouge is using the Real Techniques contour brush. It's nice & fluffy with a small brush perfect for applying the correct amount of product. You should definitely invest in one or a brush similar!


  2. Love your blog lovely!

    I just bought the benefit mascara and it is amazing, personally i think it's better than the bad gal lash mascara. This mascara looks like false eyelashes


  3. Thank you, Erina! I can't wait to get paid and purchase the mascara, an absolute must I think!