Lime Crime Velvetine

Lime Crime Velvetine 'Suedeberry'

I first saw this on a friends instagram and fell instantly in love. The colours looked so intense and beautiful and matte. I love a matte red, but never seem to get on with them.
I then had another friend order this colour, so I thought right, lets see what this is all about.

Oh. My. Word.
I don't think I could express my absolute love for this product enough!
This is the first Lime Crime product I've used. Probably because I thought it was just available in America. So my friend told me the link of where she got it and I naughtily ordered it!
I placed the order on Saturday, and received it first thing this morning, not bad for £2.99 p&p.

As soon as I was dressed and ready, I applied this beauty!
There are many plus sides to this gorgeous lipgloss.
The texture when you apply it is so smooth and silky, it just glides on, instead of other sticky glosses. It feels like it could be quite watery, and move about on the lip, but as soon as it's where you placed it, it does not budge!
It dries very quickly to the matte finish, and that's the colour you'll have on until you take it off. I think it has a very sweet smell, like toffee popcorn, as soon as you apply it, but that almost instantly wears off. Once it has dried, it has a bit of a sticky strange texture to it, but then it soon dries to an almost powdery feel on the lips, which is quite nice instead of, again, sticky lipglosses.

I had this on for a 45 minute car journey, talking a lot of the way, and then stopped for a quick coffee when we reached our destination. It stayed absolutely pristine. I think I could have left it, but after the coffee I did reapply again. Then my mother and I spent around 4 hours clothes shopping and then food shopping. After all that talking (and rain!) it was still as if I had just applied it a minute ago!

I reapplied when we got back in the car, and had about an hour round journey picking up my brother from uni, and then back home. I wish I hadn't really done that, as I went to the gym tonight, and didn't really want to test how it held up in a 45 minute spinning class!
It actually came off easy(ish). I had to use my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, then gently wiped away with a cotton wool pad, which also exfoliated my lips!

No flash. Artificial light.

No flash. Artificial light.

With flash. Artificial light.

I don't think I can sing this products praises any more. I was happy wearing this in public for so long, as normally with reds I get scared and take it off before I leave the house, as I worry about feathering, and it wearing off into the unsightly 'lipliner'.
Its a beautiful colour for day, but I would love to wear it on a night out as well.
The packaging is of the box and the tube itself are beautiful, and the sponge applicator makes it so easy to use, no faffing about with a lip brush or anything like that!

All in all, a tremendous 5 stars, 10 out of 10, massive thumbs up for this product. If anyone knows where I can get the Red Velvet colour in the UK, please let me know!! I would absolutely love to own both colours from this collection. I would recommend it for anyone who loves reds, loves mattes, or would like to branch out into reds or mattes. It's like nothing I've ever used, or heard about before. 
Yeah, this is a good one!



  1. I like the pictures in this post. Nice duvet cover. Cool lipgloss too :) xxx

  2. Thank you. James has been giving me some photography tips! xx

  3. Your blog is so cute! And i couldn't agree with this post more! Lime Crime is my new fave (especially the velvetine) all the packaging makes me feel like a 10 year old little girl again (Sparkles, unicorns & more sparkles..!) I would recommend the Lime Crime lipsticks too, a post about them would be fab. I have been wearing my 'Cosmopop' every day as its a lovely day time colour, but it does come off after a while if your not wearing lipcote (i drink a silly amount of tea though)
    I need to invest in a few more Lime Crime prods if only to turn my make up bag into a rainbow! Can't express how much i love the packaging... but the actual formula of velvetine is just off the scale... quick application, no need for lipcote - I've never done my lips so quickly! I'm well and truly in love... ahhh

  4. ive heard good things about this brand and it looks like its worth a try, looks really nice on you.

    Pipp xx