Beyond Bronze by Fake Bake

I have had this for a while now, but rarely go anywhere where I feel I need a bit of colour on my skin!
I went out Saturday night into Bournemouth so wanted a bit of a tan to warm up my pale cold skin. 
This product is so easy to use. The tan comes out of the tube very dark looking, but I just put a 20p size squidge on my tanning mitt, rub it in, and it comes out a lovely natural olive looking tan.
If you want to be still a bit lighter and less 'fake tan' then you only use one layer, if you want to be more tan and darker, I would say you could go for two or three.
I can't really say the smell of it is bad. Upon application it smells quite like a generic shower gel scent, but that fades to nothing. I didn't get any 'biscuity' smell, which is common in fake tanners.
It gave me a natural looking glow; I didn't want to over do it seeing as it is the dead of winter!
It lasted all night, and there was actually a tiny hint of colour after I showered the next morning.
I would recommend this product to friends. I don't find it too expensive for what it is, and the amount I used, I feel this will see me through to at least the summer! It seems to have a bit more of a luxurious quality to it, compared to the Rimmel instant tan I have used in the past.

That was one layer of tan in artificial light and no flash.


  1. Oh gosh, thats really good tan on you! gets a really nice brown tan going on there!

    pipp xx

    1. I really liked this tan, much more natural than others, thank you! xx

  2. Nice post, your blog is lovely!

    1. Oh thank you very much! xx

  3. I adore everything you do