Switching Over

Hello my lovely readers!

So not a post about a review or anything like that, but I am just writing to let you all now I have just signed up to Bloglovin'! 

I love the fact I can catch up with all the blogs I follow on my iPhone as it is permanently attached to my hand! 

Also love that they have made it so simple to move from Google Reader, as I panicked slightly when I thought to myself, how am I going to read all the blogs I follow!

Some exciting news, I am going to a Benefit event in Bournemouth to the launch of Fakeup. I am so excited about this, but nervous as I have never attended an event like this before. I will be sure to take my camera so I can take photos, and I am so excited to get through my wish list of Benefit products! Is anyone else going to this?

I am hopefully going to get round to taking some photos of products tomorrow and get them ready for the blog, so hopefully come Monday there will be a new post or two!

Take care!


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