Moody Model H&M

Day time inside

Night time inside.

Day time inside.

The other night I asked my sister to pick me a nail polish, as we have so many and its hard to pick just one colour!
She chose me this one, Moody Model by H&M.
I've owned a few H&M polishes, and actually the quality I've found isn't that bad, for the price, which I think was either £1.99 or £2.99.

Very nice to apply to the nails, and opaque in two coats. I would say they are thicker coats than normal, but it needed to be a bit more gloopy on the nails, it was easier to apply that way.

In all of the pictures, I cannot get the right colour of the polish. These all show up more teal, but I would describe this polish as a forest green teal, if that would exist! The pictures are definitely showing up more blue, but either way, I think both colours are lovely! If you can still get your hands on this in an H&M, I would recommend it. The price alone is a massive factor, but they do a wide range of lovely colours!


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